The Lord of the Rings

  • **The Fellowship of the Ring
  • *The Two Towers
  • *The Return of the King
    What is/are the major theme/themes [no more than two] of this work?
    Identify and state the theme/themes using philosophical/ethical language.
    Place your theme/themes within the context of other ethical theories — Deontological, Teleological, Virtue
    Theory — and compare the focus of your chosen book or film with other focuses — Western, Asian, and
    traditional African ethical worldviews.
    Apply the theme/themes of the work to your own experience. What can we learn from reading this book or
    watching this film?
    Be sure to extend yourself: be creative and insightful.
    Your papers should have a one-inch margin on every side of your paper. This means that there is one inch of
    space between the text and the edge of the paper. You will probably want to set one-inch margins as the
    default on your computer; most computers are set at 1.25″ or 1.50″ as the default.
    I require a citations/bibliography page for all papers. You may use either the MLA form
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