The logic to handle parsing raw HTTP input

Create the logic to handle parsing raw HTTP input and output and create a Listing service similar to craigslist that has the functionality to post listings.

4 tests, 25 points each

Test 1: Create DataAccess Objects which will hold the listing data structures

Test 2: Parse a url and extract the GET arguments

http:// localhost :1234 /path ? key=value

type host name port resource path arguments

Test 3: Create single-use processor class which will be used to do the business logic.

Test 4: Create a Listing Service which will take raw HTML and respond with JSON

All responses must be in the ResponseDTO format and converted to JSON.

Tests can be run by right click -> run or using the test lifecycle in maven. Don’t edit the tests or anything in .github

Add logic to enable dao to use Mongodb and listing service to be used in http server.

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