The life and death of the Electric Chair

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10 page paper on a topic of the “Life and Death of the Electric Chair”. The paper must include a title page (page 1), abstract page (page 2), text of the paper (page 3-9) and reference page (page 10). This paper must cover the following topics:
– Who created the electric chair, how and why?
– The current wars
– The first person to be electrocuted by the chair
– States who adopted the chair
– The process of getting someone ready for the chair
– Problems and malfunctions of the chair
– Botched executions
– Modifications made to the chair
– The future of the electric chair
– What states are getting rid of the chair and why

No textbooks, newspaper articles, encyclopedia, dictionaries or internet sites like Wikipedia may be used
Must use 20 scholarly references from peer-reviewed sources.

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