The Inequalities of sports-female and male athlete (sociology class)

The Inequalities of sports-female and male athlete (sociology class)
what ( social ) theory you plan to use, what real world example/case you are analyzing, and what your evidence/source material is. You also have to provide three properly formatted citations: two from authors read as part of class; the other which you have found on your own. The journals Journal of Sports and Social Issues and Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics will be the best places to search.

I chose to write about female athletes and their struggles, inequality in sports (male vs female, gender ). For the theory I think you can use Feminist theory and queer theories- this is important to mention what kind of theory I’m going to use in my paper.

you can use two of the articles listed below that we study in class ( and two you need to find as mentioned above)

1. Kane, Mary Jo, and Jo Ann Buysse. “Intercollegiate media guides as contested terrain: A longitudinal analysis.” Sociology of Sport Journal 22.2 (2005): 214-238.
2. King, Samantha. “What’s queer about (queer) sport sociology now? A review essay.” Sociology of Sport Journal 25.4 (2008): 419-442.

3. Butler, Judith. “From Interiority to Gender Performance” in Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. Routledge, 1999. 171-180.
4. Valentine, Gill. “Theorizing and Researching Intersectionality: A Challenge for Feminist Geography.” The professional geographer 59.1 (2007): 10-21.

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