The Increase of Identity Theft

The Increase of Identity Theft

Students will use the information, strategies, and research tools presented in the “Library Resources” class presentations in Week 4 to complete a research assignment. Questions on the research strategies and tools should be directed to the Reference Librarians.

Questions regarding due dates, point value for completion of the assignment, or appropriateness of topic selection should be directed to your comp 100 instructor.
Overview of Research Assignment

Students will develop a more in-depth understanding of topics as defined and discussed in course textbooks. This will be achieved through the use of research strategies and a systematic exploration of appropriate information sources introduced in the library Resources lecture. Students will document their research by creating an annotated bibliography using the topic selected.
Assignment Requirements
1.    The annotated bibliography will contain SIX (6) sources (for Groups of Two) using MLA standard form/style for the reference citations.
2.    Of the six (6) sources in the annotated bibliography, at least:
Two (2) should be from Books,
Two (2) from Periodicals or Newspapers
Two (2) from Websites.
Note:  Media Resources such as TV/Radio Broadcasts and Films are also acceptable for Periodicals or Newspapers.
3.    Each source listed will also include a 3-5 sentence annotation which will describe the relevance between the information in the source and the topic of the research.
4.    The annotated bibliography should be typed in MLA style, Double spaced with one inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right). Include your names and page number in the header (top – aligned right), include your names, Prof. Name, Class name, date (European style) on the left side.
5.    A cover sheet is not necessary in MLA format!
6.    The completed annotated bibliography is due to your instructor on the date announced in class.
Research Topics
1.    Microsoft Windows 8 New Operating System – Revolution vs. Evolution?
?    Buying a Windows OS used to be so simple. A new version appeared, most people agreed it was better than the last one and you’d get a copy for your next PC.  How will Windows 8 change everything?  Will businesses upgrade? Will it be worth the money to buy new hardware?
2.    Privacy of Medical Records
?    Little more than 10 percent of the nation’s physicians (in 2005) had adopted electronic medical technology! Is your data safe?
3.    Computer waste and the environment:  whose problem is it?
?    You’d never guess it, but your PC puts about 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year! What can you do to help?
4.    Should spyware be illegal?
?    At, consumers can report about programs that they have a problem with and check to see if  there is an issue with something they’re about to download. It’s a kind of neighborhood watch for the Internet!
5.    Internet Dating
?    Internet dating is proving a much more successful way to find long-term romance and friendship for thousands of people than was previously thought, new research shows! Is it safe and for everyone?
6.    Why is Apple so expensive?
?    In this case, so expensive means more than I can afford to pay!
7.    The Increase of Identity Theft
?    Social Security numbers are the most valuable pieces of consumer information for identity thieves! How can we prepare and protect ourselves?
8.    Intelligent Search Engines: Is Google it? What about Bing Search (which makes good use of modern browser technology)? While most would agree that Google has set the current standard for Web search, some technologists say even better tools are on the horizon thanks to advances in artificial intelligence.
9.    How has YouTube affected the TV industry?
10.    Which Web Browser and Why? Stuck in a ‘Net surfing rut? Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera have all been refreshed recently, and newbies Google Chrome and Microsoft IE 9 have joined the fray. Which one is for you? Over the past year, every major browser has undergone an equally major revision. Sometimes the revisions are reflected to the left of the decimal point, sometimes to the right, but always with big changes in functionality, performance, and under-the-hood optimizations. The results have provided the best crop of choices for Web browsing in a long time — possibly since Firefox 1.0 appeared and made one’s choice of Web browser a topic of serious competition once again.
(If you have a topic that is not on the list, please see your instruction for approval.)

Part Two:  Summary Activity

When you have completed your annotated bibliography, answer the following question in one separate page and attach to your annotated bibliography
If a friend asked you where you found the best information on your selected topic, based on your research activities, what would you tell them you discovered about the process and/or the information sources? Did you use the Library?


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