The impact of social media popularity on online shop sales

Order DescriptionPrepare a research proposal for a piece of primary research that could be conducted in the future. Do not actually carry out the research, but the report should be one that an undergraduate student could realistically complete within two semesters.

The report should contain Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology.
Introduction: Clear description of the topic & justification for its selection. Research aim/question and objectives should be clearly stated. (300 – 400 words).
Literature Review (LR): In-depth knowledge of what others have written on the subject relevant to the research questions. Solid understanding of relevant debates, concepts & theories leading to a clear articulation of main research issues raised by the LR. Discussion of methodology used by others to research the topic. Definition of key terms & development of framework which may have underpinned the research undertaken. Substantive, correctly formatted bibliography using Harvard style provided. (900 – 1,100 words)

Methodology: Clear exposition of research philosophy and approach. Clear description and justification for the design of the research, including identification of population, case selection and/or sampling strategy. Discussion of validity/reliability. Explanation of the proposed method, including process of access to the organisation, identification of suitable data requirements. Main themes to be explored/important variables identified. Realistic timeframe. Discussion of relevant ethical issues. The discussion should relate specifically to the research question explanation. Identify likely difficulties associated with gathering data & implementing the research design, including any limitations/constraints. (800 –1,000 words).

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