The Hemophilia Case Study

How did a single X-linked recessive gene mutation affect 3 empires in 2 generations?

  1. Read the Case study on Hemophilia in British Queen Victoria’s family and see how this “Royal disease”
    spread to the major ruling houses of Europe in the 1800’s, precipitating the Russian revolution. Hemophilia
    Case Study.pdf
  2. On pages 3-4, answer all the questions in sections 1-5. You can type out your answers by question number,
    then post them along with your discussion as replies to this post..
  3. Discussion: (1 Short post <100 words)

What are your questions, thoughts about the case? What is the probability that Victoria carried a new mutation?
How likely is it that she inherited the faulty gene from her father? What do you find most interesting about this
disorder? Do you know anyone with hemophilia? (Respect anonymity – no names please!) Are treatments
available now for this disorder?

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