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Reflective Report

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A Reflection Report (1000) words 4 pages
CPD Action Plan 1 page

Part 1

This assessment consists of a 1000 word essay and a one page CPD Action Plan.
You will need to reflect on your development in terms of skills, knowledge and attitudes over the last 12 weeks.
• Provide a brief outline of one or two specific area that you recognized during your PDPs with your tutor as an area of improvement. E.g. Possibly you may find

difficulty with exams evidenced by exam grades being lower than assessed work by approximately 15%.
• Provide an accurate interpretation of what occurred. i.e. That you felt very anxious during exams or that you did not have enough time to revise.
• Discuss what you did to improve. Try to find links with theory by exploring the study skills literature to give ideas that you could use to help your own development

i.e. Cottrell p. 376 suggests “if an exam question sounds like you have done it before check the wording very carefully.” (2010) It could also be that you collected

your exam papers, and sought further support from PBS Study support to help with your exam technique.
• Discuss what you have learnt and what you are doing differently. i.e. During the PBS study support session I learnt how to organise my notes so that they are more

suitable for revision purposes.
• Finally, you may like to comment on what you will do in the future i.e. new SMART objectives to help your continuous learning. (Remember to include on your Plan for

the next six months!)

Part 2

I will Attach a copy of the Template.
You also need to hand in a copy of a CDP Action Plan (A4 page) which outlines your SMART objectives, what action you intend to take and the date on which you completed

or intend to complete the action. ( Below after the Personal development planning Form you will find the ACTION PLAN Template.)

Here is a marketing criteria and feedback and structure of exactly what is required from the 1000 report. Please read carefully after that there is a some important

information on my course and I that will help in writing the report.

Section of report
1. Introduction and description – Provides account of development area which is clear, accurate and concise. Marks Available (10)
2. Interpretation – Critical evaluation of the personal development area. Evidence that the development area has been linked to theory. Further analysis or observation

included. Marks Available (45)
3. Outcome and Conclusions – The potential learning points have been recognised. ‘SMART’ action points have been made in the future. A key summary of points made.

Marks Available (35)
4. All sections – Academic communication skills – Structure, written communication skills, referencing, etc. Marks Available (10)

Feedback Suggestions (Students should also take note of any feedback written directly onto the assignment)

– Tutors will highlight feedback that applies.:
Overall, the work has offered an excellent reflective report and shows good insight into personal development.
– The structure:
The structure has provided clarity to the work.
– Overview: “The event should be past tense”
A good account has been given with genuine exploration; it is clear what has happened and which key area is being developed.
– The focus:
There has been excellent focus on a development area, selected with thought, which has provided a reflection at depth.
– The reflection:
This academic reflection has shown very good reflection at a personal level. It has revealed anxieties/weaknesses/ and offered explanation on how to improve.
– Analysis:
There are some good examples of analysis looking at the development area in depth and from different perspectives.
– Links to literature: – “When linking to the literature the event should link to the present tense.”
The links with theory have added value to the analysis; helping to explain what has happened. It is clear that you have read outside the main texts and researched

– Smart objectives:
Excellent thought has been given to the development areas and how you will be taking it forward. You have provided SMART objectives. This will help you professionally


I AM AIMING FOR A 70+ and to achieve that:….

70+ As below plus:
• Excellent work that often shows some originality or creativity of self-insight and approach is well-articulated and demonstrates an excellent reflective discussion

of the development made.
• Shows evidence of considerable research from study skills sources and journals. Excellent self-awareness shown.
• Well presented, well structured (excellent balance of succinct description and analysis) , good organisation with few or no errors in grammar, spelling, or


Some Information need to help write the report.

I’m a second year international student in UK studying business and management.
This assignment is for my “Employability, Research and Professional Development (ERPD) Unit

Personal Development Planning (PDP) Form:

Reflections – LEVEL 5- In this section you are reflect on your learning experiences and achievements

Your Academic Studies – reflections

How well are your studies progressing generally? (You may like to comment on your enjoyment of the course, what units you find more interesting, any aspects that

disappoint, or which units or knowledge areas you struggle with.)

– I enjoy the course, I’ve learnt a lot of skills and knowledge, I have observed some noticeable changes in my overall personality in the past few months.
There are some units I find difficult such as ‘ Business Analysis and Decision Making’ and ‘Human Resources for the Professional’ as I’m not sure what we have to do

for the coursework and I’m finding it difficult to revise for the exam.
Units I find interesting are ‘Employability, Research and Professional Development (ERPD)’ and ‘Business Law’ as they are very useful and will help me later on with my

career and life.

What are your main achievements to date? (You may like to comment on an excellent overall result, a brilliant presentation, outstanding exam results, great comment

from feedback you have received, contribution of your ideas or keeping up with course work.)

– My main achievements till now is the poster presentation I did few weeks ago (it was based on applying to a job role for HR ‘Job Interview’) It was one of the best

presentations I’ve ever did I was very confident while presenting, the tutor and students were impressed of my communication skills, as I’m usually not good in public

speaking and this ERPD unit has helped me alot in developing my communication and presentation skills, I was proud of myself as I really practiced very well for this

presentation. Another achievement is that I’m keeping up with the coursework, I managed my time to consist time for studies and time for fun the course made me gain an

important skill which is time management.

What academic skills and knowledge do you feel you have gained specifically? (You may like to comment on your essay writing skills, reflections skills, presentation

skills, mathematical ability, ability to read widely, or your referencing skills.)

– I feel that I gained the ability to read widely as I always make sure I do the reading required for every seminar before the seminar and try to understand. I also

gained referencing skills from the amount of coursework requires from us to reference our work correctly to gain a higher grade and after practice I an now able to

reference my work.

What areas of your academic skills and knowledge are you dissatisfied with specifically? (You may like to comment on your essay writing skills, reflections skills,

presentation skills, mathematical ability, difficulty to read widely, not grasping a knowledge area or your referencing skills)

– I am dissatisfied with my mathematical ability and reflection skills. As for math I always find it difficult to deal with numbers and probably that is why I’m

finding the unit ‘Business Analysis and Decision Making’ (BADM) difficult. I am also dissatisfied with my reflection skills as I am not confident of my reflection, I

always feel that my reflection or comments are wrong even though there is no wrong or right answer.

Your Employability – reflections (Reflect on the unit ( “an experience”) you have completed in the first five weeks of this unit)

What work experience in employment have you had so far (paid or not paid)? (you could improve and include your CV here)

– Not paid experience : – Trainee at my father’s company ” Alshuaa” for a year. – Done a CV for my ERPD Unit. – Know what to say in an interview as we had to do a

poster presentation.

How prepared are you for life beyond your degree?

– I Just started.

Work – What do you want to do? (Role, Organisation)?

– Role: HR Department, Organisation: Qatar Petroleum

How relevant is your work experience? (Think about skills here as well as direct knowledge)

– Communication and Time management skills
– How to write a CV and Covering Letter
– What to say in a Job interview

By this time you should know about what employers want generally from graduates when they recruit. Specifically what do employers want from graduates of positions that

you are interested in? (skills, qualities, knowledge, values, achievements, competencies)

-Teamwork skills
-Communication Skills
-Presentation Skills

What can you offer to employers ? (Think of your skills, qualities, knowledge, values, achievements, and unique selling points (USPs)… can improve and include

your skills audit form here)

– Teamwork skills
– Communication skills
– Time management skills
– As I lived in a multicultural community I could bring to the company a successful implementation of equality and diversity in all aspects of work by insuring staff

and customers are valued, motivated and treated fairly.

What examples could you give of the above? (You can improve and include your STAR form here)

Communication Skills: Trained at Alshuaa Company for a year
Teamwork skills: managed more than two groups in my first year at the university and working in groups made me gain an important skill such as teamwork.

Where can you not give the required employability examples? (Comment on areas where you need to gather more evidence so that you can give examples)

As I still don’t have enough experience I’m not very sure of Customer focus and Integrity skills (in the report show how you will improve)

Your Professional Behaviours- reflection What are your main examples of exhibiting good professional behaviour? (You might like to comment on your integrity, your

presentability, your conscientiousness or your work effectiveness for example.)

Where do you feel you could develop your professional behaviour? (Be self-critical here and reflect on feedback from others, perhaps ask your tutor for further

feedback….You could develop your effectiveness by improving your time management, you could be more respectful with people with different cultures and backgrounds or

investigate how you could become more communicative in group discussions.)

Where do you have the opportunity to develop your professional behaviours? (conduct as a student, in the workplace-paid and unpaid, roles and positions of


Action Planning Level 5- in this section you are identifying new learning needs and creating development plans

Your Academic Studies- action planning

What will you do to achieve the degree classification you wish to gain (long term goal)?

What are your targets areas that you feel you could develop specifically this year or term (short term goal)? (Be realistic)

– Presentation Skills as I do not feel I have enough confidence in public speaking although I presented very well in my poster presentation and that is because I

practiced very well and to overcome this problem I should practice more before presenting (include more improvement and link to theories and literature)

What have you done so far to take steps to develop your areas of development? (You may like to comment on extra reading, ASK resources you have accessed, PBS Study

Support video resources, comment when seeking further feedback from tutors)

– Poster Presentation
– Preparation reading before every seminar
– Using different types of resources

What steps will you take to prepare/plan/achieve your goals in this term? (be realistic) (i.e. Study skills support, ASK workshops, collect feedback form tutors)

– Collect feedback from tutors and ask more questions to know exactly what I’m doing and how to earn higher grades in my assignments and final year examination to

reach my target.

Your Employability Plan-action planning

What is your long term career goal? (if you are unsure what steps will you take to find your goal?)

– Develop skills and knowledge as much as I can at my time at university as I am on a scholarship and as soon as I graduate I will have to go back to my country and

work for my sponsors QP. I am planning to work in the HR department.

What are your shorter term goals for this term? (You may like to improve your work experience, improve your interview skills, find out more about your chosen

profession, build you evidence of team worker or ability to problem solve)

– To improve my interview skills by being more confident and to have my CV ready and know exactly what to say.

What steps have you taken this semester specifically to reach your career goals and become employable? (e.g improve skills audit, find a placement, gain work

experience, do an information interview, develop a network of contacts, talk to a Careers Adviser, explore further study, prepare for business start up, research using

specific resources ..which?, attend career events- employer twilight events)

– I went to a meeting at purple door for preparing business start up which was very useful.
– Done an information interview.

What steps will you take to prepare/plan/achieve your goals in this term? (Be realistic… You could talk to career advisor, volunteer for some work in your chosen

profession, organise a day with someone in that profession or research further information regarding you chosen profession.)

– Volunteer for some work in my profession, to gain work experience and to have a better and interesting CV.
– Research further information of chosen profession.

Your Professional Behaviours-action planning

What professional behaviours would you like to be noticed for? (It may be that you would like be respected for your collaboration, your effectiveness or your


What steps will you take this semester to develop your professional behaviour further? (It may be that you volunteer to take on more responsibility in the club you are

a member of, or you develop your respectfulness in your work place, or you are more co-operative within your group situations.


Action Plan (SMART objectives)for semester 1- level 5– ‘’Bringing it all together’’

Key points discussed with tutor -taken from your reflections and action- which you will complete and hand in

Academic Studies- Actions – include your programme learning outcomes and what developments you will achieve by the beginning of level 6

Employability Plan- Actions– what developments you will achieve by the beginning of level 6 – what you will do and by when.

Professional Behaviours- Actions- What developments you will achieve by the beginning of level 6 –what you will do by when.


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