The Ford Pinto – What can Engineers and managers learn from this?

The Ford Pinto – What can Engineers and managers learn from this?

In our lectures we covered topics relating to Ethics, health and safety, problem solving, negotiation, teams and so on.

The aim of the work is to inquire into the Ford Pinto (1971 onwards) and the Ford’s “Pinto” memo.  From what you have inquired write an executive style report on the ethical failures and risk analysis. Develop some guidelines and policies for a hypothetical company you will be working for that manufactures goods sold in the consumer market.
Required Outputs (With hints)
A well presented executive report with the following sections and attributes;
1.    A 300 word (-10%) executive summary.  This information must be on its own page and be the first page after the cover pages. [10 Marks] (Hint: Any reports from the managers that goes over 300 words and less than 270 words will score zero)
2.    A 1500 (+/- 10%) word document that explains and presents your analysis of the task given to you and your conclusion.  You may present graphs and charts to aid understanding. [30 Marks](Hint: Research about Ethics. Your work must be original, quotes and citations are a waste of a senior managers time unless vital.  But do remember to reference any facts & data you use from others.  Contrary to popular belief, executive style reports have to be short, but must contain all relevant information.  Every unnecessary or redundant word will cost you marks, yet a lack of fluidity and style will get you marked down.  The challenge is to write something a non technical person with little time can read, yet understand the full technical details. )
3.    A reference section which correctly points to the 1500word essay and is referenced using the Harvard system.  This is not part of the word count.  [5 Marks](Hint: your work must be original and this section lists all the references).
4.    An optional Appendix where you can present your calculations if any are necessary [Supports the 1500 word essay, so can help you score top marks in point 2 above]. This is not part of the word count
5.    Presentation.  A well presented work is essential [5 marks]

Background Work:
1.    Inquire about the Ford Pinto and the “Pinto” memo?
2.    Use the resource on Harvard referencing on your portal
3.    Refresh your knowledge on Executive style reports

Marking Criteria
1.    Executive summary                                 20%
How well is the executive summary written? Does it deliver a punchy and assertive statement? Does it sell your work?
2.    Originality of discussion and ideas                        20%
How much of this work is your own in terms of ideas?  Did you think of unconventional ideas, new things? What is the wow factor, how does it bring new ways of analysing things?
3.    Argument Justification                                20%
Is there a logical case to support your decisions?  How convincing is it?
4.    Compelling nature of style                             20%
Is the report well structured and logically presented to make it easy to understand and compelling for the target reader?  A good logical structure is essential to scoring a good mark; please note this is not an assessment of the aesthetic style, but the logic and selling of the idea.
5.    References                                    10%
Is the work properly referenced in the Harvard style?  Are there sufficient references? What is the quality of the references used? Avoid cyclic references!!
6.    Presentation                                    10%
How well is your work presented? Is it catchy enough to steal the show in a subtle manner?  Is it professional?  This work is not a technical report, so despite good content it can fail to impress a non technical audience, so make sure you sell your work.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this assessment you would have met these learning outcomes
•    Demonstrate knowledge of Ethics and Risk analysis
•    Develop a deeper understanding on the formulation of policy that will influence ethical behaviour
•    Observe and reflect on the dangers of poor risk management;
•    Develop a greater appreciation on the importance of gauging risk and the impact of poor ethics on human life.
To be submitted via the portal on or before the 27th of February 2015
Note: Plagiarised work and late submissions without a valid extenuating circumstances report will simply score Zero.

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