The Effects of the Great Depression on Children

The Effects of the Great Depression on Children

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As a future health care professional, you will be dealing often with children. Children were affected greatly during the Great Depression. Read the letters to the first lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt. Also read her response to the children written by her secretary. Great Depression and Children.

child getting medical check in GhanaYou work for a big healthcare organization. They want to support healthcare for economically disadvantaged children living in a remote area but stable area of Africa. You’ve been tasked with preparing the plan for this special clinic. Write a business proposal (templates on the Internet) to create a clinic dedicated to children’s health that focuses on preventative medicine but also helps with illness and injury but no surgery. Assume you’ll have two doctors, four nurses, and locally hired support staff. Decide what equipment you need, how much space, and so on. In your budget, include the salaries of the staff, costs to build the building, costs for equipment purchase, costs for equipment maintenance, disposable medical supplies, etc. You can even do a drawing (even just a Word drawing) of the layout of the facility.

Your proposal needs to include the justifications for all the equipment and staff. How many children can you handle? What would be the challenges? How would you deal with children you can’t help either because there are too many wanting services or they want services you can’t provide?

Turn your proposal in as a Word document

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