The effects of Body Image

The effects of Body Image

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The research paper should be based on the proposal attached. Evidence and examples are important and it should be based on facts. Tone and language should be considered, and it should persuade the readers. The sources should be reliable, credible, relevant and recent (five years max).
It should have a strong introduction and conclusion, with perfect grammar.

ENG 204
Research Proposal: The effects of Body Image

I have always been intrigued by the idea of psychology; how people’s thinking process influences their behavior. More specifically I’ve been fascinated about what is considered beautiful by society and why. I’ve previously read a lot of psychology and sociology books explaining how an individual mind works, especially relating the nature vs. nurture debate, that is to say a person’s behavior or their way of thinking is an outcome of either their biology or experience. I’ve watched heaps of documentaries talking about the science of appearance and the experiments that were conducted to test the theories. I would like to use this knowledge and my interest of the human mind to write a thorough research paper about the perception of beauty and I then go into detail about the scientific and theoretical aspects of this idea.
Project Purpose, Description, and Outcome:
The topic of my research is the perception of beauty. In detail, the purpose of this research is to shed light on the reality of how us humans are brainwashed into prioritizing physical appearance. The following are the questions that I will be exploring in my research paper:
•    Is there a specific image of beauty that is universal?
•    How different these ideas of beauty vary throughout the world?
•    Is beauty subjective or objective, can it actually be measured?
•    How effective is media on constructing people’s perception of beauty?
•    Are humans biologically wired to know what is beautiful?
•    In what ways the process of encoding these ideas happen throughout a person’s lifetime?
•    What are the effects on people’s lives?
•    Do beautiful people have it easier in life?
•    How far would a person go to become the ideal image of beauty, and what are the complications that come with it?

Project Plan:
My primary research will involve web surfing information about my topic to look for suitable pieces of information for my research paper, reading online articles and books about scientific studies as well as re-watching documentaries involving the subject I have chosen.
I will first read through the subject of socialization and provide an introductory explanation of how humans grow and learn from others using the help of a sociology book that I’ve used in high school, that I find very helpful. I will also look through the biological aspect on this issue as well. That will help explain how people may or may not be easily influenced by their surroundings. Then I will go in depth on how these various aspects create the perception of beauty in human’s minds. I will then give examples of the variation of the idea throughout different societies to strengthen my point. All of this information will be used in the first half of my research paper.
For the second half of my research paper I will talk about how this affects humans in their life.  I will explain the psychological effects in the individual’s mind, their behavior and the treatment of others toward that individual based upon the judgment of their appearance. The extremes some people go through to pursue beauty and the negative outcomes of this effect on young people.
I will then conclude the importance of positive portrayal of physical appearance to create a healthy society, as it is the only solution we are able to accomplish when it comes to such an issue.
I will hopefully be attaining pieces of information from credible sources and make sure that it is reliable and dependable to be definite that my research has no bias and is as valid as possible.


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