the effect of poverty on pupils in the UK


The report will discuss an educational issue which is the effect of poverty and its impacts on students.
In the introduction:
– Please provide a clear definition of the educational issue and why it is important to be investigated.
– You need to include: Introduction, reasons, impacts
– You can classify the impacts in categories: economical, safety of students, health, direct on student’s marks
– You can compare between countries and the United Kingdom or using statistics.
– Word limit: 3000 words max
– Harvard references and citations
– British English
– The whole report should be in past tense
– Remember that is it a report which need to have headings and subheadings
Useful sources: A longitudinal study of the distance that young people walk to school:
– Statistics data can be found in (UK, the department for education).
You need to include at least 9 resources (if possible).
You also can improve the structure of the report, these are only suggestions

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