The economics of crime

Pick a question in the economics of crime and describe a realistic empirical strategy how to answer your
question. You should propose how to do the study without doing a study.
Essay must include:

  • at least 2 literature review. What literature motivated you to come up with the question? Summarize the
    methodology of the 2 article. The 2 articles should not answer your research question!!
    -What answer to the question you expect from the theoretical point of view.
  • Provide data which you are proposing for the empirical study (What variables does the data include, where
    can it be downloaded)
  • Description of which regression you would want to run- Interpretation of what the result would mean, what
    assumptions are required for causal interpretation of results, are those assumptions likely satisfied.
    -What are the potential robustness checks one could do to verify those assumptions or strengthen the casual
    interpretation of results.
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