The Deteriorating Patient: Case Studies




pick ONE case scenario related to a type of shock:
Option 1: Anaphylaxis Option 2: Hypovolaemia Option 3: Cardiogenic
What you need to do…
The 1500 word essay should cover the following points: Review your knowledge and understanding related to: The physiology and pathophysiology of the different types of shock for your selected scenario; The physical assessment of those body systems involved; The ISBAR framework for effective communication to the medical and/or nursing team
Part 1: You are required to consider the associated signs and symptoms of your chosen condition and discuss the findings as they relate to each part of the ABODE pneumonic. You need to be able to critically explain the link with the associated signs and symptoms, the pathophysiology/physiology and what the physical assessment identifies. (Approximately 1000 words)
Part 2: Having completed your physical examination of your chosen condition you are required to construct a structured written handover to the doctor using ISBAR. (Approximately 500 words)


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