The Death Penalty: Efficiency versus civil rights

The Death Penalty: Efficiency versus civil rights
Paper details:
Below are the requirements for doing this senior paper.
1. Paper must be between 10-15 pages of the title page, abstract and reference list do not count, nor do pictures, charts, graphs, etc. DOUBLE SPACE THIS PAPER TOO! Oh and only have 1″ margins on each side.
2. You must use five to ten different sources of materials..(there are five required items you must use in this paper. see number 5 for details.) Don’t send me all internet sources either or you will lose points.
3. You must have an introduction, body and conclusion, the introduction and conclusion should be more than five sentences.
4. Citations and reference list must be in APA format. With 12 point font.
5. You MUST use the following five sources of reference materials (use an academic journal, a trade journal, internet source, newspaper, encyclopedias and/or textbooks from previous courses or your text,…however, don’t give me all the same type of sources or you will lose points).
6. No rolling headers
7. No footers

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