The Creative Economy



The Creative Economy

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1) Creativity is Personal/ Creativity is Process

In the first class we discussed how the Creative Economy is an economy that values ideas and how creativity
is at the core of the Creative Economy. For your 10 Things I’ve Learned in Life 50 Far assignment you were
asked to observe your own creative process while crafting a solution to the challenge. Describe your
personal experience creating and communicating ideas for this assignment, especially in light of discussing
creativity as a skill in the classroom. What was your process? Where did you feel you succeeded or failed?
What emotions did the assignment evoke (and why?) How does this change or broaden your perception of the
work that members of the Creative Class are doing?

Please feel free to also make connections to the articles read in Unit 1: Creativity Crisis, Pharrell, Pixar, etc.
(One page response, double-spaced.)

2) Themes and “Shifts”

In 10 Things I’ve Learned in Life 50 Far you and your classmates were asked to connect or relate your
[earnings back to the Creative Economy. What were three core themes that that you saw reflected across the
presentations as a group? (If you can, please make specific references to other’s presentations as examples.)
How do see these presentation themes reflecting or connecting to the Unit‘l themes of “Creativity at the Core”
as well as the overall course exploration of the economic, cultural, and geographic “shifts”, as identified by
Richard Florida, that are at the heart of the Creative Economy and the growth of the Creative Class?

Where appropriate, for your response make connections to and/or cite Florida, articles, reference class
lecture material, assignments or in-class activities.3) Unit One Key Takeaways

What were two core points/ key takeaways that you took from the course material and reading to-date about
the Creative Economy and creativity that we explored in the first unit? What stood out to you the most and
why? Describe how these points changed, supported, shifted or shape your understanding of creativity, the
Creative Economy. or Creatives or brands that you admire.

For your response please specifically cite Florida, articles. and/or reference class lecture material,
assignments or in-class activities.

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