The Challanges of Cross Cultural Negotiation for Expatriate Managers

The Challanges of Cross Cultural Negotiation for Expatriate Managers

The assignment has to include two managers interview which are related to the case.. The interview questions can be the same for both of the managers and not has to be

more than 15 questions.

Cross-cultural Management
Semester 1, 2014-2015
Group assignment

Working in teams of 3 (or 2 in exceptional cases), you are expected to research the theme “Challenges for expatriate managers”. Note that this is a theme, not a title,

thus a specific focus (e.g. negotiating, motivation, teamwork, communication, etc.) must be defined.

Suggested work process:
1.    In groups, brainstorm areas where international managers may face challenges/difficulties when working in a host country, e.g. negotiation, motivation,

teamwork. Choose one that you are most interested in.
2.    In addition to revising the relevant chapter in the core text, do some background reading (at least 6 trade and academic sources) on research that has

investigated this area.
3.    Prepare a set of questions that will help you gather the experiences, opinions, feelings, etc. of managers in an effort to confirm (or disprove) the

theories/ideas/models proposed in the literature.
4.    Identify at least 2 managers that would make good targets for your interview, ideally face-to-face, rather than by email. Try to achieve some variety in

age/gender/nationality etc., or, on the contrary, interview subjects who are similar in some respect (e.g. all are young and inexperienced, all are women, etc.).
5.    Conduct the interviews. Take detailed notes.
6.    Analyse the interviews, trying to identify commonalities and differences between them. Compare your own findings with the literature.
7.    Write up your research. The paper should follow the structure of an academic paper, and be 1800 words (plus/minus 10%), plus references. The interview

questions should be enclosed as an appendix. Remember to print a cover sheet, including names of group members, module name, academic year and word count.


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