The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Topic: The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

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Explore the short story by Stephen Crane in an essay of interconnected thoughts leading to a conclusion. Comment on the opening and closing paragraphs of the story and what it is literally saying to get a clear idea of what the story is about. Even though Marshal Jack Potter thinks he is heinous for getting married, it is not as bad as he thinks. Explore this and the overall theme of the story and explore quotes such as “He knew full well that his marriage was important to the town. It could only be exceeded by the burning of the new hotel.” How does it make sense to understand that? Explore all the characters in the story including the dog. Besides being funny, what else is the story saying. (Please do not count a cover page as one of the 5 pages. My last order here I ordered 6 pages, they counted the cover page and 1/3 of the last page. It was 4 pages TOTAL counting the cover page and the actual order for 6 pages was 2 1/3)

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