The articles can be of any topic. However, they must have an international focus


Final Essay (40%)
Students should submit a 20-page essay summarizing all their work during the quarter. The structure of the essay is flexible. However, the document should include front page with a title and abstract, an Introduction/motivation section (4 pages max) and a discussion/conclusion section(1-2 pages). I highly recommend reading this post for a good organization of the essay. Remember: You won’t be evaluated based on whether you give a “right’’ or “wrong’’ answer to the question you posed, but on the quality of the arguments or discussion provided in your presentations and the essay. Most policy questions don’t really have a definite black/white answer, and it is your job as a professional to highlight the different shades of gray related to your topic.


Abstract requirement:
The abstract should not exceed (200 words). In the abstract the students are expected to: i) Motivate the general paper topic (one sentence), ii) state the paper concrete question (one sentence). iii) Outline the topics to be discussed in order to answer the main question (two sentences). iv) Provide a one-sentence summary of the (intended) results.

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