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1-Page Paper Prompt: Many scholars suggest that the type of terrorism we experience in the twenty-first century is a reaction to globalization. Audrey Kurth Cronin goes so far as to say that “the current wave of international terrorism, characterized by unpredictable and unprecedented threats from non-state actors, not only is a reaction from globalization but is facilitated by it” (30). Do you agree with Cronin’s assessment? Defend your answer with evidence.

Expectations: Content
Since you have very limited space, you need to include the following:
1. There needs to be a CLEAR thesis statement in the first paragraph of your paper. You should also try to get
the reader interested in your thesis at the beginning – why is it important, why should we care about your
2. The second and third paragraphs should include textual evidence that supports your thesis statement.
3. The forth paragraph should be your “closing statements.” Think about what lawyers might do when they are
trying to convince a jury of their argument. They restate the argument (thesis statement) and briefly talk about the significance of evidence and how it works to prove their thesis.
Expectations: Style
• Formatting your Paper
o 1-inch margins on all sides
o Times New Roman fonts; 12 point font o Single-Spaced
o Do not go over the 1-page requirement.
• Sources must be appropriately footnoted or cited. Use APA or MLA guidelines.
• Formal Writing Style. Does you paper exhibit good sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling
o Use complete sentences.
o Never start a sentence with “Like.”
o Avoid using slang. This is a formal writing assignment.
Grading the 1-Page Papers
In order to get the best grade possible, your papers need to fulfill the following requirements:
1. Does the writing communicate a logical argument, including an easily identifiable thesis statement and
conclusion? Is your paper organized around your selected thesis?
2. Does the writing reflect effective communication?
o Good sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling throughout the paper.
o Please keep in mind that you will be graded on both style and content. Thirty-percent of the paper
grade will be based on following the stylistic standards, while the remaining 70% will be based on the strength of you argument and content.

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