Teen pregnancy in US

Teen pregnancy in US

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Problem Statement: The teenage pregnancy rate in teens is higher in the United States then many other countries (Kost K and Maddow). The relative declines in pregnancy
rates between 1991 and 2013 among women aged 15–19 were similar across black, non-Hispanic white and Hispanic groups: The rate fell 66% among black women aged 15–19
(from 226 per 1,000 women to 76), and 64% among both non-Hispanic white women aged 15–19 (from 83 to 30) and Hispanic women aged 15–19 (from 166 to 61). (Kost K and
Maddow). Education is directed towards older teens of 17 years of age and above (Kost K and Maddow). Talk with your children early and often about sex, and be
specific. Supervise and monitor your children and adolescents. Know your children’s friends and their families. Discourage early, frequent, and steady dating. Take a
strong stand against your daughter dating a boy significantly older than she is. And don’t allow your son to develop an intense relationship with a girl much younger
than he is. According to New York Times: Quality sex education should start in kindergarten. In truth, many young teen mothers state their first sexual encounter was
younger than the age of 15 and is in most cases unprotected (Kost K and Maddow). Sexual Education in the schools is not usually allowed prior to High school (Kost K
and Maddow). In my opinion, parents of school aged children as young as 13 years old need to be strongly encouraged to allow their students to participate in the
education of Birth Control and STD’s including Abstinence as the primary use of Birth Control (Kost K and Maddow).


Plan: Educational pamphlet and Power Point.


Goal: Help the teenagers to have options for the future that are more attractive than early pregnancy and parenthood.



OK class what do you see in the problem statement that needs to be changed?

Does the goal have the condition, who, performance and criterion?


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your problem statement should not have any personal opinions, positive on your problem the rates you gave show that teen pregnancy is trending down in recent years,
may look for a source that compares the increase in younger teen’s getting pregnant. your problem statement should address all of the following where is the problem
happening, who is the problem with, you need data to support that is is an issue. Why is it an issue, may be included the health issues associated with babies of
pregnant teens. Who is the audience the teens or their parents or both?


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