Technology and World Change


Write an essay of 500-800 words in response to the following:
Information technology (IT) revolution has come to factory floors around the world. Every
day, advances in modern manufacturing technologies make factories smarter and safer. Smart
factory products, resources and processes are characterized by cyber-physical systems,
providing significant real-time quality, time, resource, and cost advantages in comparison
with conventional production systems. The smart factory is designed according to sustainable
and service-oriented business practices. These practices insist upon adaptability, flexibility,
self-adaptability and risk management. Given the strengths of smart factories, businesses will
continue to invest strategically to transform their operations into smart manufacturing profit
centres that will dramatically increase their sales. It is expected that these smart centres bring
along disruptive innovations.
a. Interpret and define the term “disruptive innovations.”
b. Describe and explain the implications of these disruptive innovations.
c. Comment on how society will change with disruptive innovations.
d. Explain and describe whether a society will profit from these changes and demonstrate the
possible risks and dangers.

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