Technical Proposal


This assignment requires that you develop two parts: an audience profile, and a technical proposal based on that profile. In Chapter 2 you will find sample profiles and in Chapter 8 there are sample proposals, on which you might base your design.

The Requirements:
• Audience Profile should consist of a brief summary and 3 specific items:
o Writer-Centered Analysis Chart (COMPLETE)
o Reader Analysis Chart
o Context Analysis Chart

• Proposal should use visuals (at least one) to help support arguments
• Proposal should follow the five sections outlined in Chapter 8, and include a problem statement, a proposed solution (outlined in the project plan recommended to reach that solution), qualifications, and a cost/benefit analysis
• Proposal should be written in order to achieve a “Call to Action” (decision/next step) from its audience

Audience: Audiences are defined by your profile and will be relevant to your topic and the research that you find.

Possible Topics:
• Improving Campus Initiatives (see Ch 8, p 235-6 for ideas)
• Addressing an issue in your community (requires advance instructor approval)
• Increasing efficiency or effectiveness of a program or initiative in your field of study: i.e. students in education have written various proposals about teacher compensation, testing, or education support to the State Board of Ed. (idea requires advance instructor approval)
• An alternate idea of interest to you in your major/workplace, which might include a proposal to your company to sponsor a charitable event or a community group in need, or a similar idea (needs advance approval)

• You’ll need some background information about your topic in order to write the proposal, but you can also make up some of the content if you want. The point of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the genre of proposal, and how it should be organized as a document. You can fabricate any budget information or that type of content – it’s the way the document is written that matters for this assignment. Consider the following:
o Imagine the rhetorical situation for your topic – the audience profile is a place to start but think of the other elements
o Consider the genre you are assigned – what is the purpose of a proposal, and therefore how will you develop this document for that purpose
o What are the key points that need to be communicated – what will your primary audience need or expect to get from this proposal?
o What style will you use to engage your reader? What is appropriate?

I would do that if I was certain that they were going to construct a well-formatted proposal but they didn’t even follow the correct format.
Actually WAIT
He was supposed to follow a specific topic and I’m realizing that he didn’t
I attached the Audience profile and the writer did not do a proposal on the creating a compost farm at William Paterson University.
He does not need outside references. He can make up the financial figures.
But The proposal must be on creating a compost farm at William Paterson University.
As indicated in the instructions.

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