Teaching Principles

Teaching Principles

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Please check Word document as additional file which needs to be corrected.

This assignment was already done before by writer 15193. It is marked by tutor and returned with following feedback. Please correct as advised Make sure it is done as advised as I have to pay twice for it at this stage.

Tutor feedback:

1) Although you demonstrated some good understanding of principles and underpinned this with theory. You really demonstrated a limited ability to critically reflect of learning theory principles. You reflected okay, but you did not draw on any evidence to support your applications of the principles/theory. Your writing was also not always coherent, particularly for the first two principles, however your writing for the last principle was much more concise and succinct. I think you need to be utilising sub-headings for structure and you also need to be proof-reading your work more carefully. You also did not clearly explicate the benefits of the principles. Although this is a good start, I am marking this as a resubmit ask you haven’t achieved all the assessment criteria.
You need to think about restructuring your assignment, for example:

2) You also need to proof-read your assignment, because there are grammatical issues with coherence and some of the sentences are not clear. Perhaps you can ask a peer to read this through to make sure it’s clear.

3)There was a lack of evidence and at postgraduate level you need to be including a wider variety of references.
A lot of your writing needs evidence to support your claims and you need to revise the use of in-text citations.

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