Teachers and Training

Teachers and Training


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A 1200 word Critical Commentary on: Teacher stress: ‘The workload wasn’t what broke me – it was the change in my school’s culture’ – https://www.tes.com/news/school-


In relation to the article please answer the following ESSAY QUESTION:

Drawing on such concepts as collegiality, intensification and performativity in teaching how would you explain that we have reached this point in some of our schools?
What do you think can be done in schools to retain a positive team of teachers while at the same time maintain a focus on student attainment?



• ideas and comments that draw on the relevant literature;
• evidence of sustained critical thinking
• appropriate use of theories
• evidence of substantial and critical reading
• clear, well organised work based on an appropriate selection of material
• an integration of theory and practice
• appropriate academic rigour


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