TCL Communication Technology

TCL Communication Technology

report of TCL Communication Technology(02618).
value and forecast the TCL Communication’s shares whether undervalue or overvalue right now,stock price forecasting.give out a suggestion whether the investors should buy, sell, or hold the company’s shares.
Specific detials shown below:

Chapter 6 – Valuation of company shares
In this chapter you can include individual and imaginative techniques of analysis.  Possibilities include price-multiples analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, discounted abnormal earnings and the dividend discount model. Detailed earnings and cash flow forecasts might be relevant here and you may include mathematical explanations in an appendix if required. Remember to recognise the limitations of models applied; sensitivity analysis may be appropriate.
Chapter 7 – Conclusions
Your conclusion should be clearly structured. This chapter should be more than a summary and you should briefly discuss alternative companies competing for investment. A recommendation as to whether the company is a “buy”, “hold” or “sell” should be reached, with the conclusion carefully supported by argument and appropriate calculations. Ensure that the recommendation is consistent with your analysis.

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