Tactical Crime Analysis.

Tactical Crime Analysis.

Log into the ATAC tactical crime analysis software and conduct a Day of the Week analysis, utilizing the sample data for all crime sets. Also examine the grid from the data table. Your paper must include a copy of the graph and grid from your analysis, as well as any other analytics or tables that you used. Additionally, your analysis should focus on an interpretation of the data and potential explanations for what you are seeing.

Refer to the ATAC Instructions tab located on the left side of the main homepage for assistance in completing this assignment.

Click here http://www.bairanalytics.com/users/atac-workstation-evaluation/ to access the ATAC software download link on the Bair Software website. (username and password for site is listed below in case the login field does not populate for you when you access the site).
Username: demoatac
Password:  2012911911
Once there, Click the ATAC Workstation link under step 1 to download the program.
Follow these instructions to complete the installation process:
1.Download ATAC and run the installation
2.Complete the installation wizard
3.Enter your ATAC registration key

Your ATAC registration key is:
XXXXXXX  (enter the appropriate registration key that is displayed on your screen)
Now you can login into ATAC anytime by using the default username and password listed below:

Username = 1
Password = atac

*Note: There is a limit of 25 logins for the ATAC demo. However, Bair Software will provide new login credentials to reset the number of logins at a later date.

1.When prompted, enter your contact information and the below ATAC Registration Key, then click the “Begin Evaluation” button.
2.Your ATAC Registration Key is:  2012911911
3.Log in to ATAC Workstation using the default username and password:

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