T306b, Managing a complexity a system approach. Please only my preferred writer work on this.

T306b, Managing a complexity a system approach. Please only my preferred writer work on this.

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What is the topic? It required from us to write about:
Part 1:
1- introduction about what you are going to do and write; then
It is a part of applying what we call BECM 4 balls for system practitioner. the required as follows:
B ball: start with definition then write then talk about the problem in details, what is it? what is effects, impacts, consequences and everything related to the problem+ write examples for some companies and some quotes about the problem, then must draw at least 5 diagrams i will upload file explain how to draw each diagram and why we use it? Then under each diagram just write explanation of each diagram you have drawn.(no more than 3 lines or 4)(.please draw all diagrams in A4 each diagram should be drawn separately then insert them.
E ball: Tell why I use SSM( there are many features in the situation let us to use SSM for instance; when the problem or situation is messy. cannot be solved but we can decrease the effect of the problem or enhancing the situation but cannot find the perfect solution. long time scale, no one know where the problem exist from exactly….. etc). You can goggled this
C ball: you have to write about SSM 7 STAGES and here are they to remind you:
stage 1: it is about problem unstructured . It is like the summary in 5 lines about what have written in (B ball)
stage 2: Draw Rich picture Carefully it should show the situation as a problem and who involved in and its impacts and so on. Draw it on white paper then insert it under stage 2. (make it in one full page to be clear),then you have to write about Primary tasks(target of my project from my research for example to reduce the talented employee to leave the job…..etc).
Stage 3: write root definition and using check list of CATOW. CATOW means:
C: Customers( Who will benefit if i solved the problem )
A: Actors(Who will implement the solutions(my solutions).
T: transformation process( what is input , output and the process). draw simple diagram as girl did.
W: Worldwide view( what will happened in general if i solved or improved the situation).
O: Owner( if the problem in companies then for example the owners are the stakeholders or if it in government then…..)
E: environment (what will be the effect and the benefit to environment or community).
Stage 4: Conceptual model ( it is simple draw of your suggestions which activities should be done to solve the problem in arrange way.
Step 5: Comparison between Rich picture which is Real world situation and your conceptual model (draw table sets of 4 columns).
Stage 6: Debate with stakeholders (discuss the problem and the solutions with stakeholders)
Stage 7: What changes you want to do to solve the problem in many areas (changes in attitude, in structure and in procedures). Talk about each one of them.
M ball: conclusion as a summary for what you write (starting from B ball to the end of stage 7.)
Finally in Part 1 write the ethical statement.
Part 2: Client Report ( you have to write 2 one of them for example to employees and the second for the employer)
part 3: divided it into two parts one is summary log : you have to draw table and write about 4 or 5 weeks what did you do regarding to the project every week, and the second part is overall summary .(see the student project).

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