Systematic Review Assignment

Systematic Review Assignment

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i need you to read and watch these links and write an analyses you are response to the Google i will attached you a questions i need you to answer them and i will attached you my research so answer the question from the research

Systematic Review Assignment
Answer the following questions related to changing your research approach from a feasibility study to a systematic review.
* Required
Please provide your original purpose statement from your team’s feasibility study. *
This should be in your group’s recommendation report. Everyone in your group will have the same answer to this question.

Please state your revised purpose statement for a systematic review. *
Your purpose statement will change because even though you plan to research the same topic, you will be conducting a systematic review instead of a feasibility study.

List at least three sets of two keyword search terms for conducting the initial research of your planned systematic review. *
Remember to read the required article and use my example on the assignment page.

List at least three narrowing criteria to reduce the number of articles from your initial searches. *
See the assignment page if you need an example. You must read the assigned article to understand the purpose of narrowing (limiting) criteria.

Explain (justify) why you selected the narrowing criteria you listed in the previous response. *
You should write a good paragraph explaining your decisions. Refer to my example on the assignment sheet if you feel stuck.

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