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3.Literature Review – SYTHESIS (Only)

This is where you distill or synthesize your annotated bibliography, describing the scholarly and/or popular conversations pertaining to your research question in ~1000 words. The purpose is to demonstrate that you know the relationships within the literature pertaining to your topic and establish that the research you are proposing is needed. You may use the materials from your annotated bibliography in the literature review, but the focus of the review should be the relationships between the sources. In the literature review, you will:

Analyze and evaluate the research questions, methods, and evidence other scholars have brought to bear on your topic.
Identify explicit conversations between differing viewpoints in the literature.
Trace out implicit conversations between different viewpoints, identifying where those writing on the topic are in disagreement.
Critique gaps in the literature, limitations to the existing evidence or perspectives on the topic, or ways that scholars have been “talking past” each other.
Connect the literature to your own project.

In addition to the 5 you have annotated earlier, you will add 3 more sources for a total of 8 scholarly sources at least. You may use popular sources in addition to your 8 scholarly sources in your synthesis as long as they are credible and properly integrated.


THIS IS THE THIRD PART OF A project I have already started working on with best essay;

I will upload all the documents

-first part: object description.

-second part: Annotated Bliography which is the one you will use (i have 5 resources in the annotated bibliography the professor said that the third one of them is not scholarly, (check the highlights and comments for the third resource) pleases change this resource and DO NOT use it in the synthesis.
The first two resources are OKAY.
The last two resources the previous writer copied material from Amazon, please DO NOT use the material in the SYNTHESIS. HOWEVER, Read more about these two books and talk about it in the synthesis IN DIFFERENT WORDS, but please DO NOT use what is written for the last two books.


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