Synthesis Essay (Rumors)

This essay will be a synthesis of multiple sources for the purpose of drawing a conclusion about what our response to rumors says about our nature as people.

(Synthesis activity listed below)
1. Some rumors are created in the spirit of fun and are relatively harmless in their effects. Other rumors arise from malicious intent and often devastate their targets. In an argument synthesis, rank several types of rumors on a scale of benevolence/malevolence, according to the motives of those who create and spread them. Don’t hesitate to bring into the discussion rumors based on your own personal knowledge and experience. Draw also upon some of the theoretical pieces such as those of Goleman, Rodriguez, Knapp, DiFonzo, and Singal to help account for and justify your ranking.
2. Write a synthesis essay.
1. 3-4 pages in length, not including the works cited page.
2. MLA heading, page numbers, font, margins, and documentation (in text and works cited)
3. At least 5 direct quotation, embedded in cited properly.
4. Final copy due no later than 5:00 PM March 21st

What Professor is looking for:
1. An essay that stays focused on the writing prompt and follow instructions.
2. A strong introductory section, including relevant background information and a clear thesis.
3. A conclusion that draws a thoughtful connection between the information in the paper and real life. This will look like a statement on the importance of the topic and its impact on our everyday human lives as a human being

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