Sylvia Plath and Adrienne Rich




Answer the following questions in at least 300 words. Sylvia Plath, in her poem “Lady Lazarus”, and Adrienne Rich, in her poem “Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law” both discuss how women can be torn down figuratively, physically, emotionally, etc and how often times those around them are not merciful. Both Plath and Rich experience personal persecution themselves and felt how being women in a then male dominated field of poetry was something that they “had to overcome” rather than just being able to “be themselves in their poetry.” In these two poems, both authors discuss how woman can be resurrected to a certain extent and come into their own. Part 1. Discuss the challenges that Plath discusses in her poem and how she figuratively resurrects her female character. Part 2. Discuss the challenges that Rich discusses in her poem and how she advises young brides to resurrect their own sense of self amidst domineering mother in laws and sisters in laws. Part 3. Discuss at length how you think each of these poems translates into real life situations that women (and men) face today. Do you think these challenges are much less than when Rich and Plath wrote these poems? If so, how? If not, then explain.


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