sustainable economics

The topic should be related with economics and sustainable development. The topic above is not the

final paper topic, I want let it be easier for you, so that I would let you draft some topics which

you good at and let me choose one of them ( I prefer specific USA local goal, see instruction). But

you must guarantee the quality. The following are the concise requirements.
select a policy or program designed to realize the goals of sustainable
economic development. The focus can be local (for example, California?s financing of
specific projects) or global (for example, a Climate change agreement). The goal(s) of the
program should be articulated and economics explained. In addition to defining the unit of
analysis (for example, jobs created in CA or tons of carbon reduced), present possible
methods that can be used to evaluate the policy or program (for example, cost-effectiveness
analysis). You are except to talk both the advantage and limits of this policy and program.
About 8 reference, please be sure from leading economics journals or academic book publishers

should be included.

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