Sustainable Constructio

Sustainable Construction – Assignment- The Booking Office. Design proposals to      enhance and creatively re-use an existing dockside building on the Pierhead,

Milford     Docks

‘Living Milford’ is a new initiative to promote the maritime history of Milford Haven and the natural beauty of the Haven to local people and visiting tourists alike.

A feature of the ‘Living Milford’ experience on offer will be a new leisure boat that will make regular sailings and trips around the estuary, to  explore the Haven

from Milford Docks .

A small flat-roofed building which is redundant has been identified for conversion into a new booking office for the boat trips. The building is well-situated, being

near the pier from where the boat will embark, however it’s size and utilitarian appearance are not very eye-catching and it may prove difficult for visitors and

passengers to find.

The site is at the mouth of the dock adjacent to the sea-lock, with spectacular, panoramic views of the Haven. Given this location it goes without saying that this is

also a very exposed site.

The internal accommodation is to be converted to provide a Booking Office. The accommodation includes an office with a separate staff tea-point and store, and disabled

wc’s for the public. A design has been produced and agreed already

You are asked to come up with ideas and a concept for the exterior of the building and it’s surroundings. ‘Living Milford’ would like your design to be a beacon, and

instantly recognisable to first –time visitors arriving in the docks and looking for the boat trip booking office

In addition your design should
•    Cater for staff and visitor vehicle parking say.2-4 spaces max
•    Provide disabled access in an interesting external landscape design
•    Provide external terrace decking and a sheltered seating area
•    Propose a  low-cost makeover that is high on visual impact and appropriate in the dockside location

Your design should consider the following:
•    The visual impact and appeal to visitors
•    Appropriate materials for cladding/ porch additions and landscaping in an exposed maritime location.
•    Reuse/ recycling of materials
•    Opportunities for promoting ‘Living Milford’ as a new social/ leisure venture  and  brand

Produce an A3 brochure/ report promoting your design for presentation to the client at your crit – word count 2000


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