Superstorm Sandy Crises Communications

Prepare a case study on the Superstorm Sandy disaster/crisis, analyzing the disaster or crisis using Center of Disease Controls Crisis Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) principles. Paper to include: *Overview of disaster or crisis – 1 Page *Timeline of key disaster or crisis events – 1 Page (can be bulleted or a table) *Overview of CERC principles and phased based messaging – 2 pages *Analysis of CERC principles in disaster or crisis • Use media reports (traditional/social media), government documents, publicly available company reports, lessons learned documents, etc. • Provide 4 examples of where CERC principles were used/were not used – 4 pages * Discussion of implications for practitioners and organizations based on analysis of CERC principles – 1.5 pages *Reference page – .5 page page Appropriate use of APA style throughout paper and proper use of grammar Use Times New Roman, 12” font, 1inch margin CERC Files were to large to upload. Following are the links to the CERC files:

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