Summary of articles

Read three (3) articles from the six (6) choices provided and submit a summary paragraph for each (250-300 words) and an analytical paragraph for each (approximately 250-300 words).

Include at the top of the paragraph(s) the bibliographic information for each article in ASA (American Sociological Association) format. Information regarding formatting references in ASA format can be found here at Owl Purdue ASA Formatting link. (Links to an external site.)

Summary paragraphs state the main points of the article (and are very similar to a journal abstract).

Analytical comments can vary, but typically do one or more of the following:

Provide an extension or counterpoint to what is being read
Show how ideas encountered resonate with, or are used analytically, to understand aspects of the problem or topic being researched
Connect what is being discussed in this course to other courses taken (including other Sociology courses, Anthropology courses, Psychology courses, and/or Philosophy courses); and/or
Express or develop your own scholarly interest and curiosity.

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