Summary movie answers the questions

Summary movie answers the questions
Students will get an extra credit up to 4% to their class participation for this bonus activity. To get the extra credit, students are required to watch the movie entitled Amazing Earth (2001) narrated by Patrick Stewart at this online link. While watching the movie, students need to take notes (as bullet points) for the following questions. The notes should use correct terms and be turned-in to Blackboard by 11:59pm on Friday 4/1.
(15pts) What are the 3 most interesting information you learned about the Earth from the movie? Why are they interesting to you?
(10pts) What happened to the Earth billions years ago?
(15pts) What are 3 scientific methods used to investigate the Earth’s interior?
(10pt) Where were the Earth’s water from? How?
(10pts) What and where are 2 evidences of the existence of the Pangea?
(15pts) What and where are 3 evidences of the plate movements

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