summarize Labeling Theory

summarize Labeling Theory

In one paragraph, summarize Labeling Theory presented in Lilly, Cullen & Ball Chap 7. In your summary you should identify and describe the basic assumptions about the nature of crime for the theory. How is Labeling Theory changing the way we look at an understand crime? Make sure to define any necessary (not all) key terms used in the theory (particularly explain primary and secondary deviance as well as self-fulfilling prophecy). Identify and describe the four policy implications of the theory. How has Labeling Theory been extended by Braithwaite and what policy implications have resulted? Finally, discuss Gabbidon, Greene & Young Chap 17 in relation to the theories you just discussed. Describe how the chapter is similar or different from the perspectives presented in Lilly, Cullen & Ball Chap 7.

Your textbooks should be your only resource for this DB. You are not to use your quotes in your DB postings, writing in your own words is the best way to demonstrate your understanding of the material. When you are referencing the textbooks, APA format is absolutely requited. DBs are expected to be 2-3 pages in length, so you need to make sure your post is clear and concise.

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