Suicide Bombers

Read all the instructions please.
This paper is an annotated bibliography. The topic is Suicide bombers. Need ten sources for the annotated bibliography.
The sources are to be scholarly peer reviewed references from recognized professionals related to the topic psychology and culture of terrorism. Further, articles must be no more than 5 years old.
Attached is an example of the layout for the annotated bibliography. Please follow this outline.
Must have a minimum of a one page introduction that defines the term “psychology of terrorism”. Remember, there are many approaches to dealing with the psychology of terrorism, so explain the complexity of understanding terrorist actions and their motivations. Explore various approaches to understanding terrorist behavior and what may be the best approach. Keep in mind that there are various authors who have studied terrorists attempting to account for instances and forms of terrorist behavior. Explore the psychological mechanisms available to terrorists, such as, why do terrorists do what they do?
The annotated bibliography part needs to have the references related to suicide bombers and the psychology behind them.

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