Subculture of baseball athletes

Subculture of baseball athletes

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Introduction (1-2 pages)
In this section you will provide the descriptive characteristics that make up your group. For example, “In this paper we analyze the X subculture. Xs are characterized

by their ______, _____, and _____. “ You may find that details such as their social class background, family make up, or other demographics are important. You will

want to give an overview of the paper and what you intend to do.
At the end of the introduction you should tell your reader (me) what the significance is of the study and why you have chosen this group. Maybe your group does not fit

the traditional definition of subculture, maybe it touches on the concept of resistance in a novel way, or something else. You may want to try to use an although

statement for your thesis: although BDSM is thought of a sexual practice, there are in fact cultural components which make it a subculture”, or “Although club cultures

are seen as hedonistic youth, there is much more to being a member of the culture than consumption.”
Literature Review (2-5 pages)
Go through each school (Chicago, Birmingham, Frankfurt, CCCS) or paradigm (positivist, interpretative, critical, and postmodern) we have covered and summarize their

major theoretical stance, and which elements you find insightful for your work. There will be some overlap and feel free to ask me how to do this. Additionally, you

should include a section detailing what have other people done on this topic, any major arguments you run across, and what key important sociological concepts are you

interested in examining. (Example: I am less concerned with this part and more concerned with the other parts especially the findings and discussion. This is not just

a list of who said what, but is a summary of the major arguments, controversies, etc. Anything you go back to later, in your discussion, should be included in this

Methods (1 page – 1 1/2 page)
Provide a detailed explanation for how you studied your group. Did you look on internet message boards, utilize magazine ads, interview individuals, etc.? How

much/many did you examine? If you spent time in the field, approximately how many hours were you there? If you interviewed people what questions did you ask? Please

note, that you can study your group anyway you choose. I just want to know how you did it. There is no “correct way”. What were your research questions? What did you

hope to find?
Findings (1-5 pages)
Ok, you are studying a group. You went into the field, collected some data, or talked to some folks. Now tell me what you found. (You already did this in your

assignments). This is where you present the evidence. You may include photographs and other visuals that help make your points. If you present a picture, you must make

sure you talk about it in the work. This should be a fairly significant part of your paper.
Discussion (1-2 pages)
This is where you tell your reader how do your findings answer your research questions. It is also where you talk about the broader implications of your work. You

should also tie it back to a specific theory or social phenomenon. For example, student athletes are caught in an incongruent structural system (having to serve two

masters) that they negotiate through the creation of a “jock” culture. This is a similar notion found in the work of ______________.
Conclusion (1-2 pages)
Talk about the questions that future research should seek to uncover based on your work. Be sure to answer the “so what?” question by talking about the importance of

this work. In many ways you will repeat your introduction.


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