Study of Public Perceptions

Study of Public Perceptions

Choose two people, in the same general locale, who represent distinct social, ethnic, racial, or gender categories so that you can compare and contrast views in your analysis.

Background Questions:
What do you do for a living?
How would you describe your “social standing” or class background?
How would you describe your political views?
What values are most important to you?
What do you think are your community’s major safety problems?
How safe do you feel in your community?
How would you assess your interactions with the police in your community?

Policing Questions:
How do you believe people in your community typically feel about how the police operate in your community?
How do you believe victims of crime are treated by the system?
How appropriately and effectively do the police relate to your community?
How do you think that our society in general views the police?

Crime Questions:
Which areas of your community have high crime potential or high crime activity?
Do you feel that schools in your community are safe?
Do you feel that children are safe on their way to school and playing in public areas?
Which members of your community seem most vulnerable to being crime victims?
Which persons in your community seem most likely to be problems for public safety?
How likely are you to report crime that you have witnessed to the police?
How do you feel about communicating with police officers about actual and potential crime?

Instructions for Writing Your Paper:
Analyze, compare, and contrast the views of your two respondents with regard to their perceptions and evaluations of the police and community.
Relate your respondents’ views to their political orientations, their personal and occupational circumstances, their prior experiences, and their social statuses.
Demonstrate that you gained the full trust of the interviewees by honoring their legal rights, respecting their dignity and moral worth, and by complying with appropriate research ethics to ensure confidentiality.
Discuss how the public perceptions and related belief systems that you have uncovered can be applied to enhance public safety in the neighborhood.
Describe law enforcement could use the interview methods you employed and the findings from your interviews to advance more effective, ethical, and moral intelligence-led policing.

In your analysis, you must apply:
Concepts from your required readings.
Concepts from at least one peer-reviewed scientific research article from a scholarly journal in the Capella library.
These sources must be quoted, cited and referenced. Use these sources to penetrate beneath the statements of the respondents to analyze the foundation of their views.
Use proper APA guidelines (6th ed.) for organization, presentation, and formatting.
Your paper should be approximately 1000?1200 words in length.

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