structures and economics

structures and economics

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Structure and Economics:

Imagine that you are the Chief Nursing Officer for the Morris Regional Hospital, located in South Bend, Indiana. As a member of the budget planning committee, it is your responsibility to help with the medical interventions used in this facility. Upon research you come across this article and you would like to present it to the board of directors. Please prepare your report by writing the following;

*Summary of attached article (1 paragraph)-please cite in-text reference correctly
Xingyue, H., Beresford, E., Lodise, T., & Friedland, H. D. (2013). Ceftaroline fosamil use in hospitalized patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections: Budget impact analysis from a hospital perspective. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 70(12), 1057-1064. doi:10.2146/ajhp120438

*Explanation that you would give to the hospital board discussing the reasons why a proposed intervention, such as this, would or would not be beneficial for a hospital (1 paragraph).

*Relevance of this type of scenario to nursing practice (1 paragraph)

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