Structure and Content of the Communication Skills Report

Structure and Content of the Communication Skills Report

The Communication Skills Report has been introduced in support of your personal development and future career.  It should focus on the skills you require for the 21st Century, and be a self reflective piece of work.

You will need to research the literature of communication skills, and then apply the literature to your own skills base, identifying your strengths and weaknesses using examples.  This will give you a better understanding of what your skills are and what you can offer organizations in terms of communication skills, both now and in the future.

List of relevant communication skills:
?    Send and receive messages with a recognition of cultural influences and differences
?    Communicate effectively in intercultural situations
?    Effective listening
?    How to use verbal messages effectively
?    Encode and decode nonverbal messages successfully
?    Apply the skills of interpersonal communication to a wide variety of situations
?    The ability to speak in public suitably taking into consideration all relevant factors

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