strategy memo

strategy memo

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Identify a news article available on the web that can be analysed in terms of concepts of the following readings:
Chapter 1 – Defining Strategy,( i will upload the chapter in 3 PDF files) it should be an article about Saudi Arabian company such as Sabic, Aramco, and it should be
linked with Saudi vision 2030 please check the website for the Saudi vision 2030 the website is

Write a memo to your classmates that summarises a few important concepts from the chapter and use them to describe and analyse the situation. Conclude with at least
one strategic suggestion for an involved actor.

You may organise the report as you wish. For example, you might begin with the ideas that you choose from the text and then summarize and analyse the situation in your
article. Or, you might begin by describing the example in the article and then link it to chapter concepts. These and other decisions should be made on the basis of
what you feel will interest your classmates. The memo should be written in an organisational (not school or academic) style. See examples uploaded 3 examples, though
note that these were written in response to other assignments.

Formatting guidelines:

Label (File Name): Your full first and last name then student number, the words Memo 1,’ and the chapter from which you draw concepts.
Subject Heading: Should include the url address for the article you describe
Layout: Headings, sub-headings, short paragraphs with strong topic sentences, bullets, underlining, text boxes, and other devices for highlighting major points are
expected in this kind of business writing.
Referencing: All sources should be footnoted at the bottom of the relevant page for easy reference and summarized at the end of report, using Harvard Style
Length: Approximately 1,500 words (roughly 4-5 pages, 11-point font, single spaced on A4 paper.

before starting with the memo can you please send me the article you choose for approval


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