strategy development

strategy development

Write a  report that includes;
* an analysis of the company,
* its current strategy,
* strategic factors,
* environment and industry analysis,
* business systems,
* competitor analysis.

Matters of strategic leadership and entrepreneurship, the future strategic options of the company, and issues confronting or likely to undermine company’s potential. Your team must demonstrate strategic insight, explore strategic development and you will need to reason and justify strategic options the group present as viable. Note that the criteria reflects the importance placed on development of argument and applied critical thought, comprising 15 of the 35 marks for this assessment item.

Successful groups start by reading and working together to interpret the content of the case stimulus as early as possible.

The case study for Assessment Item 3 is Case 19 (page 693) of your textbook, The Virgin Group in 2012. Focus your strategic insight, development and reasoning on this company’s opportunities in Australia.

The assessment criteria for this item comprise:

Research and analysis of company information (Exemplary 5 >>> Unsatisfactory 0, 0.5 increments)
Statement of problem or case focus (Exemplary 5 >>> Unsatisfactory 0, 0.5 increments)
Application of relevant theories of strategy (Exemplary 5 >>> Unsatisfactory 0, 0.5 increments)
Development of argument and applied critical thought (Exemplary 15 >>> Unsatisfactory 0, 0.5 increments)
Written communication and referencing standards (Exemplary 5 >>> Unsatisfactory 0, 0.5 increments)

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