Strategies for socialization

Many law enforcement agencies are facing an increasingly problematic shortage of police officers due to management difficulties that have been worsened by the existing police subculture, politics, power struggles, and organizational conflicts.

You have to come up with a plan to solve the problem. You need to conduct an analysis and present a report. Your analysis and conclusions should focus on solving the recruitment problems in the CVPD. Your analysis should explore how the CVPD posts can be filled with new and aspiring police officers. In your analytical report, include the following:

  1. What strategies for socialization would you implement to increase the probability of new recruits joining the CVPD?
  2. What problems would you anticipate with the proper socialization of the new employees?
  3. How would you prepare the department to deal with these problems?
  4. What types of power would you attempt to implement within the CVPD to improve the administration of the police department?
  5. Why would you choose these types of power over others?
  6. What strategies would you put in place to control the effect of politics on the CVPD?
  7. What plans would you put in place to reduce the intraorganziational and interorganizational conflict in the CVPD?
  8. How would you ascertain that the right types of conflict behavior were used in specific conflict situations?
  9. What process and structural interventions would you implement?
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