strategic management report

strategic management report

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company name: Air France-KLM

1. this report must be academic writing

2. Contents Page (with page numbers)*

3. Executive Summary*: A concise but well-rounded summary of the key findings from each section of the report (N.B. It should not be an outline of contents). Up to 5%

extra marks may be awarded for quality of your summary.

4. Introduction to Company (10%): Introduce the company you are researching, briefly outlining their main products/services/geographical markets AND critically review

the company’s mission, vision and values, including Corporate Social Responsibility stance.

5. External Environment (10%): Analyse the main factors impacting on the level of (a) the macro environment for the company you are researching (environmental

stability) and (b) the industry ( industry attractiveness)

6. Internal Environment (10%) – Analyse the firm’s internal strengths using the Value Chain and Resource Based View

7. Business Level Strategy (10%) – Analyse the firm’s competitive strategy/strategies and Strategic Directions using Porter’s Generic Strategies and Life Cycle model.

Provide an explanation for why strategies have been followed with reference to your earlier analysis of the external environment, company performance and competitors’


8. Company Financial Performance (10%): Analyse the financial strength of the company, discussing reasons for the financial trends observed over a 5 year period using

2 horizontal percentage ratios i.e. percentage change in sales and operating profit PLUS 4 vertical i.e. operating profit margin, return on capital employed, current

ratio, debt gearing and

9. Corporate Strategy (10%) Critically analyse the methods of development the company has recently used to grow or retrench, drawing on your knowledge from the

strategic management literature of the benefits and challenges associated with each method.

10. Conclusions and Recommendations (10%)
(a) Conclude by providing a SPACE analysis to summarise the current strategic position of the company; AND
(b) Make recommendations relating to the future strategic thrust or direction of the company and/or to how the company can improve its competitive advantage in the


11. List of References* – As well as providing citations within the text you MUST produce an end reference list of all sources cited in the body of your report. These

must be listed in alphabetical order using the guidance provided in the module handbook.


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