Strategic Management Oil and Gas

Topic: Strategic Management Oil and Gas

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The role of the oil field service provider in the oil and gas sector is a dynamic one. Over the past few years these companies, which were once content to provide support services such as drilling and cementing, are becoming more ambitious with their strategic choices. However, the 2014-
2015 oil price fall has also meant that oil field service providers like Schlumberger, Halliburton, Transocean and Weatherford have had to rethink their strategic options to remain competitive in an increasingly turbulent sector.

“…Albert Einstein once wrote that he would rather have been a plumber than a physicist because of the independence it would allow him. Faced with the growing power of big oilfield service firms – playfully derided as “plumbers” by some in the industry – many oil men might now feel the same way….” (Redall, B,, November 2012)
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“….with nearly 59,000 layoffs, including 9,000 from Schlumberger and 8,000 at Weatherford, nearly 7,000 at Baker Hughes and 6,600 at Halliburton…” (Helman, C,, May 2015)

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Assignment Task:
Choose one oil field service provider and report on its position in the sector. The report should cover the period from the beginning of 2014 to the present day. The report should analyse the current state of the chosen oil field service provider, and then consider the strategic options available to that provider. The report should include the use of appropriate academic model(s) when considering the strategic options available to the chosen firm.

Total Marks for Assignment: 100

Please make sure that you identify strategy management on the introduction, and also the use of images would be beneficial for me, i really want to score high score please. and if there is any changed during the class i will let you know thank you .

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