Strategic Management of Information Systems

You are required to conduct research on a topic related to strategic management of information

systems, making reference to appropriate theory, literature and empirical evidence. The purpose of

the individual report is to provide the opportunity to explore an area of strategic management of

information systems in depth, and demonstrate evidence of independent research, application and

critical thought. You have to prepare an individual report that is related to ONE of the following

subject areas:

• Frameworks or models for strategic management of information systems

1. A resource-based approach in information systems research

2. Strategic impact of IS

3. IS-Business Alignment and Integration

You need to make sure that you select a relatively specific topic which is related to one of the

abovementioned topic areas. The more specific your chosen topic is, the more in-depth and relevant

your discussion will be.

Focus of your report:
*Comment on the importance of the chosen topic.
*Provide evidence of both theoretical and empirical research that is relevant to your chosen topic.
*Discuss your key findings and their implications.

Format and requirements:
1. Your individual report should be balanced, concise and focused and around 2000 words in

length (+ or –‘10%).
2. It should be word-processed and the highest levels of presentation are expected.
3. Reference style must follow Harvard Reference System.

Note: Any evidence of plagiarism will be dealt with severely in accordance with university

regulations. Inadequate referencing, poor standard of written English, and late submissions will

also be penalized. No late submission is accepted unless proper approval is provided from the

Mitigation Team.

General Assessment Criteria:
Grade Description
< 40% No understanding of the topic, no external research evidence, very sloppy presentation. 40-49% Satisfactory understanding of the topic, major issues related to the topic are recognised and commented upon. Some lack of relevant research evidence. Presentation acceptable but not good. 50-59% Good understanding of the topic, some major issues related to the topic have been recognised, comments are appropriate. Content generally well presented. 60-69% Very good understanding of the topic, major issues related to the topic have been recognised. Comments are critical and with adequate research evidence. Very good presentation and coherence of argument. 70-100% Excellent understanding of the topic, major issues related to the topic have been recognised and critically evaluated. Comments are supported with strong research evidence. Constructive throughout. Excellent and professional style of report. Specific Marking Criteria – weighting for each criterion provided in brackets Research topic must be related to the scope given above. If not, a fail grade is to be recorded. • Understanding of the chosen research topic/area and ability to recognize and discuss the theoretical argument related to your chosen topic. (40%) • Development of own critical comments on the importance of the study to the Strategic Management of Information Systems field. (15%) • Critical discussion of the key findings and their implications. (15%) • Ability to use a wide range of academic references to support related arguments and discussion and appropriateness of academic writing and format of references. (30%) Essential Reading Pearlson, K. E. and Saunders, C. S. (2012), Strategic Management of Information Systems (5th Edition), John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 978-1118322543 Background Reading Curtis, G. and Cobham, D. (2008), Business Information Systems (6th Edition), Prentice Hall, ISBN: 9780273713821 Haag, S.; Cummings, M. and Phillips, A. (2007), Management Information Systems for Information age (6TH Edition), McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0071106103 Jelassi, T and Enders, A. (2005), Strategies for e-Business, Prentice Hall and FT. Laudon and Laudon (2009), Management Information Systems (11th Edition), Pearson Education. ISBN: 9780136093688 O’Brien, J. A., Marakas, G. (2009) Management Information Systems: Managing Information Technology in the Business Enterprise, 9th edn. McGraw Hill. ISBN- 9780073376769. Robson, W. (1997) Strategic Management and Information Systems, 2nd edn. Pitman Publishing. ISBN- 9780273615910. Turban, E., Volonino, L. (2009) Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organisations in the Digital Economy, 7th edn. (International Student Version) Wiley. ISBN-978-0-470-40032-6. Academic Journals • Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) • European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) • Information and Management • Management Information Systems Quarterly (MIS Quarterly) • International Journal of Information Management (IJIM) • Journal of Information Technology (JIT) • Journal of Information Science • Behavior & Information Technology • Journal of Organizational and End User Computing • Information Systems Journal • Journal of knowledge management • Knowledge management research and practice

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