Strategic Management Implementation

Strategic Management Implementation

It is often noted that implementation is the most difficult aspect of strategic management. With reference to your organisation, how might this be the case?

You are required to write a 3500 word report including 200 words of an executive summary, but excluding references and appendix. You should also perform the following tasks:

1. Identify and discuss the strategy that the organisation (or SBU) is implementing/has implemented by examining its strategy statement and/or its value chain activities.

2. Evaluate the suitability of the organisation’s current business strategy based on the outcomes of your analysis (e.g., the identification of theorganisation’s current strategy and the most significant factors affecting the organisation’s performance, and your understanding of the organisation’s strategy). If the current strategy is not suitable, please recommend no more than two alternative strategic initiatives that the organisation should pursue and justify your recommendations.

3. Evaluate the implementation of strategy.

4. Develop your conclusion.


Completion of this assessment should facilitate the development of a good understanding of what is involved in the process of strategic implementation. This assignment serves a number of purposes:

be able to identify and explain the key components of strategic management such as strategy analysis, strategy formulation and strategy implementation, and their interrelationships;
be able to review and evaluate the evolution of ideas and practices leading to the development of strategic management and its relationship to other management practices and principles;
be able to identify and differentiate between functional areas such as marketing, finance, operations and human resource management and evaluate how they should act conjointly toward the attainment of the organisations strategic aims and objectives;
be able to evaluate the importance of developing strategically appropriate relationships between people, processes, functions, structures and even organisations; and
be able to critique, act strategically, and make recommendations in the context of the potential of strategic management vis-a-vis the realisation of organisational change and/or success in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.


All assignments must be typed and they should be at least 1.5 line spaced with 12pt font size. Use of headings and subheadings are recommended to help focus your work. The use of headings and sub-headings does not mean that you can dispense with the need to create a coherent discussion.
This is always critically important.
Please note that in all assignments the following are expected:
Careful analysis
Evidence of wide and careful reading (beyond what has been provided)
Coherent argumentation and structure
Correct spelling
Appropriate use of English grammar
Appropriate citation of references
Correspondence with the given word length
Referencing presented in the APA system adopted by the Faculty of Business
A Reference list must appear at the end of the paper.

To complete your report for Senior Management you will need to include the following sections:
1. Executive Summary

2. Background – Give a brief account of the background of the company/organisation, identify the organisation’s current strategic direction that is being undertaken

3. Identify and evaluate the suitability of the organisation’s current strategy

4. Evaluate the implementation of the strategy

5. Conclusion – Summarise your findings.

You are required to cite a minimum of 15 refereed journal articles.

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